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Zhi Finance » Do you sell real estate in installments?

Do you sell real estate in installments?

As you search through house after house looking for the perfect home for you and your family, a neat home is worth a mention. This should be kept in mind when selling your personal home or investment property. There are a few other things you should keep in mind when selling real estate. One of those things is that furnishings can sell a home.

Seriously, there is something cold about an empty house. It may be impeccably painted and meet every possible standard for a home, but when walking through the house for a real estate tour or inspection, it feels cold and un-homey. This problem can be easily overcome by contacting a local furniture rental store and picking furniture that matches at least the main rooms of the house in order to make the house look and feel like a home with plenty of space.

The main rooms that you want to look like a “live-in” home are the living room, dining room, master bedroom and all bathrooms. These rooms are basically where the house is sold and it is important that they look neat, organized and well taken care of. If you have the funds to renovate every room in your home, then by all means do so. This is a huge selling point, especially for those trying to sell a home quickly. If the house doesn’t sell after the first two weeks or month (you decide on a time limit), then you may want to remove the “staging” furniture to eliminate the cost. But I highly recommend that you keep the furniture as long as the house is shown regularly.

You want to do much more than simply place furniture in the property you are selling. You want to create an atmosphere or warmth and comfort. This means you want to hang prints, mirrors, plants and pillows on the walls. In this process, you don’t have to buy items specifically. You can use things from your own home to establish this homey and comfortable atmosphere. Be sure not to use sentimental favorites or very valuable items, as not all people who will view the property being sold are honest. This is a sad reality, but one that needs to be considered.

Other things that may help with an empty home sale are the smells. Nothing says “home” like the scent of cookies in the oven or flowers in bloom. These scents can be easily achieved with well-placed scented candles, aromatherapy burners, dried aromatherapy, fresh cut flowers and electric room air fresheners. However, few things will put off a potential buyer faster than an overpowering scent, so keep this in mind when choosing a scenting method. Having some scent in the home can also eliminate the problem of an empty house, as over time many homes will have an “empty house” smell. In other words, this is another part of the staging process that works for many people who are trying to sell their homes.

The short answer to the question of whether staging can sell real estate is “yes”. Even in today’s depressed market, home staging can definitely lead to higher offers and faster sales.