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Zhi Finance » Can self-employed workers find jobs for others?

Can self-employed workers find jobs for others?

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Don’t be surprised, even if you don’t remember when you received your salary from others last time, you can easily get a job.

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First think about what skills you have gained from your entrepreneurial experience:

  • 1. Management ability: Every self-employed person knows how to conduct project management, and the self-employed person who employs employees also has mastered personnel management skills.
  • 2. Self discipline: Bosses often like people with entrepreneurial experience. They like employees who arrive at the office early every day and can start working without urging. Although no one knows how these habits were formed, these employees have already firmly grasped the ability to work independently.
  • 3. Hard work: my whole career has been constantly changing between personal entrepreneurship and employment. I know very clearly that I am the hardest worker when I work for myself. Of course, employers don’t expect you to work as hard as you did when you started your own business. After all, you had to worry about your livelihood every day. If you didn’t work hard, you would have nothing.
  • 4. Focus on results: You can’t see any results after doing a task for a month or two, or even leave it behind. You can’t procrastinate for several years. No matter what field you work in, as long as you pay attention to the results, employers will be eager to take you in.
  • 5. Determination: perseverance, tenacity and perseverance. No matter how you describe it, it is all the good qualities brought to you by so many years of entrepreneurial experience. These virtues are invaluable, and most employers are willing to provide an opportunity for job seekers with such personalities.

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Here are some job search tips:

  • 1. Update your resume: You may not have written a formal resume for a long time. If so, you’d better find a professional to help you complete your resume. Maybe you have a lot of talent and potential, but you don’t know it clearly. Ask a professional to guide you to write your resume and show your abilities and talents in a proper way.
  • 2. Use relationships: Your existing networks will play a huge role at this time. If you have established a good interpersonal network in the past few decades of entrepreneurship, no matter why you re apply for a job now, these interpersonal relationships can be used for you. Contact your past customers, customers, suppliers, consultants and even peers and competitors to tell them that you are looking for a job, and they will be eager to help. In fact, many people will feel that you are helping them because your talents are invaluable.
  • 3. Use social networks: Even if you have been alone for decades in the past, you will still know social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Tell your friends on the social platform that you are looking for a full-time job and they will help you right away.

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Finally, the following suggestions will help you become an employee again:

  • 1. Boss: The most challenging part of accepting a new job is accepting a new boss. But generally speaking, the situation is not too bad. Aren’t you a good boss yourself? And I believe that the superiors everywhere you go will not be too bad, because they will cherish your experience and wisdom, and will not treat you as a rookie in the workplace. Be more patient with your boss. As long as you respect her, she will respect you.
  • 2. Punctuality: When you start your own business, you usually control the working time by yourself. But in the workplace, it is very different. Learn the company’s commuting rules first to avoid violations. Some companies require that they go to work at 8:30, but the employees come into the office at 9:00; In some companies, employees are already in place at 8:00. See clearly the company’s time management rules to avoid being blamed for being late.
  • 3. Colleague: Now, you have to start working with colleagues again. Try to get to know them, make friends with them, and ask them for advice in case of problems. Show respect to them. The more respect you show them, the more they will repay you in the same way.

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Returning to the workplace after many years of self-employed or freelance career is bound to be full of difficulties, but there are many solutions. Just remember that networking can help you find a new job quickly.