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Zhi Finance » Wealth Thinking Series: Brand is more important than product

Wealth Thinking Series: Brand is more important than product

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Brand is very important for enterprises to survive. Brand is the best defense tool for commercialization.

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Coca Cola has built a brand. The strength of this brand is brand loyalty. People who are loyal to Coca Cola will not change their minds even if Pepsi Cola suddenly drops its price.

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Is Coca Cola really better than Pepsi? Nobody seems to care about it.

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When you think about Volvo Cars, you think about safety, when you think about Porsche, you think about speed, and when you think about Volkswagen, you think about practicality!

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However, if you talk about some brands of cars, you will simply have four wheels and an iron cover in your mind.

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The first step in building a brand is to have a unique sales proposition. If a business does not have a unique sales proposition, it is like a rudderless boat floating on the sea, drifting with the tide in many enterprises.

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A business without a unique sales proposition is unattractive. Because you have no reason for people to buy your products instead of other cheaper similar products.

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The unique sales proposition is the cornerstone of building a brand, which can not only make up for the high price, but also a poor product!

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