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Zhi Finance » Wealth Thinking Series: Be loyal to your business

Wealth Thinking Series: Be loyal to your business

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A very enterprising entrepreneur, he does different businesses every week.

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This week is a multi-level marketing project, the next week is an advertising contractor of an enterprise magazine, and the next week is a classified advertising project, which is almost different every week.

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The result is that you are tired by focusing on different projects and opportunities.

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The result is that each asset is weak, and such assets cannot bear the weight and build a magnificent pyramid.

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Weak assets will not accelerate wealth accumulation, and their income will only be used to provide start-up funds for new projects next month.

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Only by focusing can there be diversification! When you think about it, the richest people in the world focus on a key goal, rather than distract themselves.

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Some great technology-based entrepreneurs have built impressive companies with 100% efforts, and they have not concentrated on other startups.

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After they earn the first barrel of money, they will set foot in startups in other fields derived from their core businesses.

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In other words, it is their focus that results in diversification.

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What do entrepreneurs usually do when they sell their companies at a high price? They will invest in several companies to do charity work and show their passion.

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So why can they do many things at the same time? The answer is money.

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From now on, start your rich thinking, and then put all your energy into the business you choose, go all out to do it!

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