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Zhi Finance » Avoid the features that will make you lose your shirt

Avoid the features that will make you lose your shirt

The world of Forex trading is a world of big money and high risk. Everyone looks at this market as a promised land, an opportunity to make a fortune. However, experienced analysts and traders have paid the price, they have the discipline and knowledge; they know that certain ways of thinking will only help them funnel money faster.

Beware of novice trainers, and avoid becoming one of these people if you ever want to succeed in forex trading.

Irresponsible people

You better learn how to admit your mistakes and what to decide to do so that you can reach that goal. Responsibility includes learning the ropes of trading, doing proper research on your assets and brokers, and ultimately knowing that your own success lies not in others, but in yourself.


Sheep follow most people and get all their cues from the experts. While following the herd is not a bad thing in itself, always trusting the opinions of experts has proven to be a mistake for countless traders. Traders must develop their own strategies and thinking styles to fit their plans and investments.

The Thrill Seeker

Let’s get one thing clear: Forex trading is not a game. Serious traders do it because they want to make money. Having fun is not a feature. Sure, there is satisfaction to be gained from the markets, but anyone who is not serious has no place in this business.

Impatient people

While action is certainly a part of the market, it is mostly a waiting game. An impatient trader will jump the gun on a bid/price even though he knows a better number will come along. Many have succumbed to the impatience and recklessness of having money now rather than investing for the long term. Profits in trading come from being updated on current flows and knowing when to wait and when to go for it.


Some Forex traders think they are superior in terms of complex ideas and dazzling theories. Most of these people fail. Keeping your strategy simple and straightforward works best in the long run. While some traders have a tendency to over-complicate their plans, the belief that new times call for new approaches and keeping track of profits and how to get them should help you not overthink your strategy.

Over-emotional people

Giving in to anxiety can cloud judgment as you begin to fear losing money and taking risks. Many people forget that forex trading involves risk, which is part of the job. The ability to stay positive and be able to bounce back also makes for a sturdier, more confident trader.

The undisciplined

The biggest mistake made in the market is a lack of discipline in investing money. Many traders lose their fortune simply because they want an easy way to profit and have not worked hard and learned to get there. Forex trading requires attention and understanding of the market, and that focused learning requires discipline.

Perhaps the most important character trait that needs to be dropped is the half-hearted attitude. Forex trading requires a cool head, objectivity and the ability to make those tough decisions that are bound to come your way. In order to enjoy the fruits of your hard work, you must earn them by becoming a trader who absolutely understands the environment in which you find yourself.