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Zhi Finance » 29 Notes on Happy Financing

29 Notes on Happy Financing

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  • 1. Enough money is happier than insufficient money; The more money you have, the happier you may not be.
  • 2. Sometimes, the key to happy financial management is to restrain desire, not to pursue more.
  • 3. Don’t spend more than you earn.
  • 4. Don’t be afraid of hard work.
  • 5. Today is the era of “knowledge” economy, and college is a must.
  • 6. Remember to save money for the future. The future will come soon.
  • 7. Teach children the value of money and let them use their money to buy things they love.
  • 8. To buy a house, you should buy one that can live for a long time.
  • 9. Don’t be led by the nose to decide which car to buy; I really don’t care about those who take the car price to measure your value.
  • 10. Take care of your things.
  • 11. Don’t be afraid to take public transportation.
  • 12. Those who understand interest save more than they spend.
  • 13. Paying off the mortgage is really something to celebrate.
  • 14. It’s convenient to buy things with credit cards, but the premise is that you have money to pay the bills.
  • 15. Spending money on things that are not needed at a 20% discount is equivalent to wasting 80% of your money.
  • 16. Don’t torture yourself; When you have no money to buy what you want, shopping is torture.
  • 17. Work is work; Give and get.
  • 18. To save money is to prepare for a rainy day, because accidents always come.
  • 19. Work first, earn money and then consume; Persist in saving and investing.
  • 20. Don’t always dream of not being in debt, but take action.
  • 21. Stop borrowing money and start saving; One day, you will thank yourself.
  • 22. Family finance is a family affair; Call on everyone to save and save.
  • 23. Environmental protection and money saving can be considered at the same time.
  • 24. Those who have no food or shelter will really die; You can’t die without Prada.
  • 25. To play golf, you need to pay 300 dollars to hire a new driver. Maybe it’s not as good as paying 5 dollars to buy a bucket ball to play on the golf course.
  • 26. Whether it’s simply camping in a national park or going to Disney World, the family can be very happy; Select the most appropriate vacation location according to the budget.
  • 27. Have you ever been a nanny, delivered newspapers or mowed the lawn when you were young? Where’s your baby?
  • 28. Don’t compare your first house with the house your parents live in now, just compare it with their first house.
  • 29. The real value of money is that you have done something useful with it.

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